Trigon: Guaranteed GEMA free zone

Eclipsed 11/2002 - Magazine # 47 - side 55

"the music industry tries to kill us, therefore we kill the music industry" Trigon guitarist Rainer Lange says completely ingenuous. What seems like a fight "wooden spear vs. windmills", is not a martialic, megalomaniac declaration of war, but the philosophy of the band Trigon from Karlsruhe, which - pissed off by the Musikbiz - takes its entire music production into their own hands.

Trigon, in the year 2002, are Rainer Lange (guitar), his brother Stefan (bass) and Daniel Beckmann (Drums). Trigon was founded in1989. At that time they had another drummer and another singer. But that singer was to often absence in the practice room and consequently didn't stay any longer in the band. So Trigon developed their style quite fast: Instrumental Power Rock, with jazzy and "fast and furious" fills. The guitar withs long soli and improvisations is located in the foreground, embedded in the rhythm group between bass and drums. They are completely busy to expose the guitar. For the one this may be inordinate ornamental noise, for the others a guitar orgie, a neverending jamsession, which is however more than only improvisation. The music may develop spontaneously, but it is designed. It is more than obvious how the instruments are "fine-tuned" between each other. This is the music, you have in your internal ear, imaging your personal all-time-favorite-guitarist (who ever could that be?), jamming.

They operate all their musical fate in self-direction, produce and publish their albums by themselves and enjoy their independence.

Shure they don't become rich or famous that way, but this liberty however is a good thing for that band. Meanwhile they made 20 (in words: twenty!) CDs. And you can download all of them - really all - for free on the Trigon homepage Who wants to support the band fincially a little bit, orders the CD directly from Trigon for small money. The latest two productions are "Live-Burg Herzberg Festival 2002" (the 19th Album) and "HeiZEN" (20th ). The Trigon-Newsletter offers "HeiZEN" with the words: "and at the occasion of the small anniversary (who else has 20 CDs?) we give it away in the hope that first of all it pleases you and secondly that you copy it wildly and give it around!" This shows the attitude of that band, which contradicts each music industry business politics.

It started 1990 with the first studioproduction "Nova", which already is shaped by the voluminous guitar passages and thus does not differ from the later works. There is only one other studioalbum ("Beschränkte Haftung" from 2000), all other albums are Live or so-called Public Jams. For those the band meets in the practice room, fills some sofas and chairs with friends, fans and guests and starts to jam wildly. "take a microphone, hang it into the room and record a kicking session" the band describes. Sometimes the sound quality might be somewhat poor, the musical quality however is beyond doubt.

"Our new drummer Daniel Beckmann is much younger than my brother and me. He brought fresh influx of power and lilt into the band" Rainer Lange says. This and a lot of dynamics you can feel on the newest albums " Live-Burg Herzberg Festival 2002" (offers a take of the gig at that Festival) and "HeiZEN".

Trigon won't please many listeners (the most?), but with a faible for guitar-dominated sounds you can discover joy of making music, creativity, spontanity and also a shot insanity.